Planning Application Register

This is a list of the Council's planning application receipts. It includes only applications that relate to Grove parish and are Major category and are Current and were registered between 1st January 2016 and 14th January 2021. Total records returned: 8. Please click on the reference number for details of the application.

Date Registered
Former Grove Airfield Parcel P3B To the West of Newlands Drive Land North of Denchworth Road West of Grove
Reserved matters application for a residential development comprising the erection of 169 dwellings including new access points and vehicular, cycle and pedestrian links, strategic landscaping and green infrastructure including areas of informal an public open space. (Outline application for residential development of about 2,500 dwellings with associated services and facilities including secondary school, primary schools, local centre (including uses falling within use classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, C2, D1 and D2), open space including community park, and the realignment of Denchworth Road to the south)
1 December 2020
Land North/West of Grove North of Grove Airfield South of Denchworth Road Grove
Residential development, new access points and vehicular, cycle and pedestrian links, strategic landscaping and green infrastructure including areas of informal and public open space, other associated site infrastructure and community uses, and potential land for school.
27 November 2020
Breakspears Yard Denchworth Road Grove Wantage OX12 0AZ
Retrospective application to modify the ridge height of the approved development.
17 November 2020
Centre East Parcel, Crabs Hill Phase 4 Kingsrove Wantage
Reserved matters application for construction of 171 dwellings and provision of public open space with associated infrastructure and earthworks, pursuant to outline planning permission P19/V1269/FUL. Details submitted in accordance with conditions 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 28, 31, 34 and 35 of planning permission P/19/V1269/FUL.(as amended by plans and information received 14 January 2021). The outline application was EIA development and an Environmental Statement was submitted and approved under outline planning application 13/V1764/O. The landscape and visual assessment chapter of the ES has been updated and approved under application P19/V1269/FUL
23 October 2020
Land west of Station Road (A338) South of Williams F1 Grove OX12 0DQ
S73A - variation of Condition 13 (Development in accordance with FRA) of application P15/V1722/O (additional details received 17 November 2020). Residential development for up to 160 dwellings (use class C3) together with direct access off Station Road (A338); landscaping and public open space; drainage infrastructure inclusive of flood compensation works; and biodiversity enhancements.
6 October 2020
Grove Wick Farm Station Road Grove Wantage OX12 0DG
Residential development for up to 220 dwellings together with access, associated landscaping and public open space, tennis courts, infrastructure and biodiversity enhancements.(as amended by plans and information received 1 September 2020).
26 June 2019
Elms Farm Business Park Grove Road Wantage OX12 7PD
Outline planning application (with all matters reserved except access) for the extension to the existing business park through the provision of new employment floorspace.(as amended by revised Application Form received 28 August 2020).
16 August 2018
Monks Farm Townsend Grove OX12 0AH
Application for outline planning permission for up to 400 dwellings, extension to the Grove CE primary school, associated landscaping and infrastructure with all matters except access reserved.(As amended & amplified by information received 3 January 2018 & amended by drawings and letter received 13 January 2020).
5 May 2016

This Application List is returned live from our back office database, and as such is as up to date as when the page was retrieved.

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