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P20/V2328/DISApplication Type: Discharge Conditions (Show Map - opens in new window)
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Decision made
Discharge of condition 6 - Street lighting, drainage and landscaping on application ref. P18/V2031/RM Residential development for up to 78 dwellings; together with access from Ware Road and associated infrastructure.
Related Applications
Land north of Ware Road Stanford in the Vale
Grid Reference
David Wilson Homes
Norgate House
Charnham Park
Hungerford, Berkshire
RG17 0YT
David Wilson Homes
Norgate House
Charnham Park
Hungerford, Berkshire
RG17 0YT
Case Officer
Hanna Zembrzycka-Kisiel
Telephone: 01235 422600
Consultation / Notification
This application is not subject to public consultation however it is sometimes necessary for the council to consult professional bodies.

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Name / Number
Date Sent
Response Date
Scanned Response
Drainage - (South&Vale)
16 09 2020
13 10 2020
Landscape Architect - Vale
18 11 2020
18 12 2020
Oxfordshire County Council Single Response
18 11 2020
04 12 2020
18 11 2020
Application Type
Other (Discharge Conditions)
Application Progress
Date Received  
9th September 2020
Registration Date  
9th September 2020
Target Decision Date  
21st October 2020
No decision Issued
No appeal lodged.
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